Organizational changes in Jouka


Jouka Ltd Managing Director Hannu Lautamäki starts after the acquisition also as Managing Director at Satron Automation Ltd. Teemu Vastamäki has been appointed Deputy Managing Director of Jouka from 10/04/2017, sharing the responsibility for the daily operational activities of Jouka Ltd.

To improve our responsiveness level even more we have done some recruitment at the end of year 2016 . Sanna Karjalainen has been appointed Quality Engineer 01/12/2016 after completed her master thesis at Jouka Ltd. Sanna is responsible for the internal and external quality, and she also will develop Jouka production.

The newest member of Jouka sales team Erno Lehtinen has started as sales engineer in October 2016. Erno is working mainly on international sales, and based on his background he will also participate in valve design and product development.