Jouka JoLevel – Isolation valve

  • For separating the panel transmitter
  • Also available without flushing

Jouka JoLevel is isolation valve for pressure transmitters. The valve is designed for applications where the measurement system needs to be isolated from the process. The valve provides flushing function for transmitter and process side cleaning without dismantling the assembly. The new valve is particularly compact, with an installation length of only 62 mm.

Jouka JoLevel technical info

Transmitter size DN80
Ball port size   DN25
Pressure classes   PN40
Construction material   EN 1.4404, EN 1.4307 & EN 1.4462
Seat material   PTFE, PTFE+C
O-ring material   FPM, EPDM, NBR, FFKM, FEPM, PTFE
Mounting dimensions   EN 1092-1
Tankside mounting   Ø18 through holes
Transmitter mounting   M16 through for transmitter
Mounting of flushing   G1/8” for transmitter, G3/8” for tank side
Temperature range   -20…180 ºC
Operation   Lockable hand lever (AISI304)
Weight   11 kg

Jouka JoLevel

Jouka product guide

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