The Finnish valve manufacturer, Jouka Oy

Founded in 1957, Jouka Inc. designs and produces ball valves at our factory in Ylöjärvi, Finland. In addition, we produce metal pressings, machine parts, and assemblies as a subcontractor.

JOUKA OY -operating policy

The ball valve is a pressure device

In spring 2002, valves were included under the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Under the Directive, all valves must have their own serial number in order to enable the tracking of the manufacturing process as well as the materials used.

Tailor-made valves

Famed for its lightness and affordable price, the Jouka aluminum valve is also extremely easy to assemble and service. We also produce valves using special materials according to customer requirements. For example, valves can be made of stainless, acid-proof, Hastelloy or Duplex steel or plated with hard chromium.

Hundreds of possibilities

We make everything from manual to actuator valves, lockable valves, flow regulating valves, and safety valves with a closing device.

Experienced and skilled

Jouka Inc. has made ball valves for over 40 years. During this time, customer feedback has been used to continually improve our products. That’s why they are the longest-lasting.

We are near

Jouka Inc. is there for you from the initial design phase to the finished product. We provide spare parts straight from stock, even for valves over 40 years old.

Jouka product guide

Learn more about Jouka's ball valves and actuators and their various applications. The brochure also contains technical dimensions.