Sampling valves

Jouka sampling valves offer reliability and efficiency to industrial processes. The valve is specifically designed for pulp and liquor lines, making it particularly well-suited for abrasive and corrosive mediums. Flanges are available for all mainline sizes for the sampling valve.

Our sampling valves are made of stainless steel AISI 316L (EN1.4404), AISI 304L (EN 1.4307) or Duplex 2205 (EN 1.4462). The metal gasket-equipped ball is chrome-plated, with metal seats. On the edge of the seal is a scraper groove that cleans the surface of the ball as it opens and closes. Its structure is designed specifically for fibrous material. PTFE (Teflon) sealed ball valves are made with a solid ball of compatible material.

The flange for attachment to the connecting pipe is machined to match the inner radius of the pipe, allowing the medium to flow as smoothly as possible from the connecting pipe to the valve. Standard valve sizes DN15 – DN200 according to the manufacturing specifications.

What Jouka Sampling valve offers?

  • Less unplanned downtime, reliable operation and easy maintenance
  • For pulp liner, liquor drains, reducing blocking of sideline
  • For abrasive and corrosive mediums
  • Safe and easy line drain
  • Valve size up to DN200; available for all main line sizes
  • Available in materials 316L, 403L and Duplex
  • Metal seated

Multiple use cases

  • Sample taking
  • Flushing and spooling of the pipe
  • Sideline inserts (chemical insert to mainline)
  • Can be also used for line draining

Jouka product guide

Learn more about Jouka's ball valves and actuators and their various applications. The brochure also contains technical dimensions.