CAD Drawings

You will find 3D CAD images of all our valves here.

You need to set-up an account to view the CAD images. Contact us and we will give you one. Images are only from the most common Jouka ball valves. We also manufacture many different special valves according to specified customer needs. In case you have special valve needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales personnel.

The data codes used in the files are as follows: first code H = stainless/carbon steel (same dimensions) or J = aluminum valves. The next three numbers relate to the DN size of the valve. The three following numbers give the ball opening size. The last letter relates to the type of ball valve joints: P = welded joint, R = inside thread joint, and D = DIN flange joint.

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Jouka product guide

Learn more about Jouka's ball valves and actuators and their various applications. The brochure also contains technical dimensions.