Pneumatic actuators

We equip valves with actuators according to customer needs. Our range includes pneumatic and electric actuators from various manufacturers, all easy to install on the square shafts of Jouka valves. Standard F-levels enable easy installation and make it possible to convert a manual valve to an actuator valve at a later stage. Inductive or mechanical limit switches and solenoid valves for valve control can be included with an order according to the customer’s application. Our range of control ball valves includes positioners from various manufacturers.

Pneumatic actuators used in Jouka ball valves:

  • Festo pneumatic actuators
  • WM pneumatic actuators
  • RC pneumatic actuators
  • Jouka AP actuators
  • Metso / Neles actuators

Jouka product guide

Learn more about Jouka's ball valves and actuators and their various applications. The brochure also contains technical dimensions.