Jouka grows and succeeds through sustainable choices 

We are committed to doing business sustainably. 

For us, sustainability means the willingness to work with other sustainable companies and individuals. 

We provide ball valve solutions to help our customers produce equipment that runs on alternative fuel and energy sources. We measure and evaluate our operations continually to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Jouka’s sustainable production is based on three key factors: people, the environment, and responsible growth. 

jouka sustainability


Jouka is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business. We use environmentally friendly materials and recycle 100% of the metal waste from our production. 


Our task is to make it possible for our staff to develop in their own work. A healthy and supportive work culture is the most important aspect of our company’s success. That’s why our management team, alongside every Jouka employee, invests in it every day.  

We want every employee to have a safe and professional working environment. 

Jouka’s workplace culture is part of our sustainability. Occupational health and safety lie at the heart of our values. 

Responsible growth

Business development and growth are important to us, but it is even more important that this growth happens through responsible and sustainable practices. We know that our long-term success depends on how well we succeed in responsible and sustainable production. 

Work responsibly with Jouka

We recycle all our used metal, paper and wood – and strive to be plastic-free whenever possible. We switched away from natural gas in favor of district heating in spring 2022. This gives us a long-term energy supplier committed to increasing their output of renewable energy. 

Our sustainability measures also support our own customers’ sustainability efforts. Because we continually develop our own operations in sustainable ways, this reduces our customers’ exposure to sustainability risks. 

Our sustainability strategy and targets 

Jouka’s sustainability strategy is based on our desire to continuously develop our business in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable way. 

Like our day-to-day sustainability tasks and choices, our broader sustainability strategy is divided into three key elements. 

  • People 
    Our goal by 2030: achieve 100% staff commitment to sustainability. 
  • Environment 
    Our goal by 2030: achieve CO2 neutrality (scope 1 and scope 2). 
  • Profitable growth 
    Our goal by 2030: each Indutrade company is actively contributing to sustainable growth. 

To Jouka, sustainability means that each employee is committed to this common cause. Our long-term goal is CO2 neutral production. And our customers’ goals are also ours: we want to support and be an integral part of our customers’ sustainability objectives. 

UN Global Compact

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