Aluminum ball valves

The Jouka aluminum ball valve is the result of long-term product development. The valve is easy to mount, smooth to operate, and economical to manufacture, all of which make it a high-quality product at a competitive price. Due to its reliable operation, the JOUKA aluminum ball valve has become a very popular control and shut-off valve incorporating both manual and remote control.


  • Air and gas lines
  • lubricants
  • fuels and oils
  • coolants
  • active water lines
  • sewages
  • flushing lines
  • powders
  • granulates
  • fire extinguisher lines
  • tank vehicles
  • fire-fighting vehicles
  • waste transport

Advantages of the Jouka aluminum ball valve

  • light weight
  • reduced vibrations on pipe lines
  • quick and easy to close, lever position indicates whether the valve is open or closed
  • easy to mount: with female BSP threads or welded or flanged joints
  • easy to service and repair: can be removed from the piping without taking off the fastening flanges
  • reliable and trouble-free operation in all positions and only a slight loss of flow
  • can also be equipped with a pneumatic actuator

The structure of an aluminium ball valve is very simple, consisting of a body that contains the ball and its seals. The body is attached with a bolted connection between flanges. By loosening and partially removing the bolts, maintenance of the valve is easy. The middle part of the Jouka valve serves excellently as a spare part and is significantly quicker to replace compared to changing a seal kit.

The body of the Jouka ball valve is made of corrosion resistant aluminum. The ball is made of either anodized aluminum, carbon steel with hard chromium plating, or stainless steel. The ball seats are made of PTFE. The threaded welding neck and loose flanges are made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The flange part of the loose flanges is usually made of aluminum. The O-rings of flanges and stems are made of Viton. Valves are also available with O-rings made of EPDM, NBR, or PTFE.

We implement valve and actuator solutions customized to always meet our customers’ needs, while offering you our 60 years of experience in valve manufacturing and design. Please feel free to contact our sales team.

Jouka product guide

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