How satisfied are our customers with our service? – Results of the 2023 customer satisfaction survey 


At Jouka, we are committed to providing high-quality service and manufacturing superior ball valves that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. To ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee the quality of our ball valves, we conducted an extensive customer satisfaction survey at the end of 2023. Our goal was to gain a comprehensive view of our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services and to identify opportunities for improvement in customer care and business operations. 

We carefully analyzed the feedback we received from our customers. This helps us understand where we have succeeded and where there is room for improvement. The valuable feedback guides us in the continuous development of our services and products. We warmly thank each respondent for their time and feedback. 

Customer satisfaction and recommendation of Jouka  (NPS) 

35% of our customers responded to our survey, providing us with a comprehensive picture of customer satisfaction with our ball valves and services. Our NPS score, 58, indicates that our customers would likely recommend our ball valves and services to others. For comparison, the industry average NPS is 43. 

Customer experience – CX index results 

Our average CX Index is 8.54, indicating that our customers are highly satisfied with the customer experience we provide. Our customers particularly appreciate our trustworthy atmosphere and service readiness. This creates an excellent foundation for good cooperation. 

Picture, CX Index Statements and Results. The CX Index measures how satisfied our customers have been with the customer experience we offer on a scale of 0 – 10.

Delivery reliability of Jouka – Exceeding customer expectations 

85% of our customers consider delivery reliability as the most important aspect, and as a flexible supplier, we at Jouka have succeeded in meeting these expectations. Our delivery reliability received a score of 8.63 in the CX Index. 

We will continue to focus heavily on delivery reliability. For example, our new ERP system will streamline our production processes and provide us with more accurate information about our processes, allowing us to ensure even better operational reliability now and in the future. 

Development of communication and customer work 

While we have achieved many successes, we also recognize our areas for improvement. At Jouka, we strive to continually develop our products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Based on the results, we feel that we have not effectively reached all our customers, so one significant area where we can improve is our communication. We have already taken steps to enhance our communication and increase transparency. 

Going forward, we will invest more in active customer work and communication. Our goal is to communicate clearly and actively about important matters to our customers through our newsletters and website. 

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Thank You to Our Customers 

Thank you to every one of our customers who participated in our survey. Your feedback allows us to develop Jouka ball valves and our services to better meet your expectations. Good dialogue between Jouka and our customers is undoubtedly the most important aspect of our cooperation’s development and in creating future solutions, as we are here for our customers. 

Cooperation regards, 
Jouka Oy